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The Speedrun is a bundle which can be bought in the bundle section of the shop for $11.99 Dollar1. The content mainly focuses on agility, with a total of 12% agility which is aided by the weapon's fast agility.


"You won't be able to run faster than bullets, but you'll might be able to run next to them."


The content features an agility set which resembles a ninja, but wields two automatic weapons.


Speedrun is a great bundle for starters who seek to be agile in battle as agility is the most favorable attribute in the game. Its exclusive weapon (the Dual Machine Guns) combined with the set's speed boost makes it effective for the user to use the Run And Gun to spray over enemies while they have trouble trying to hit you. Charging at people is also effective, but make sure you keep your distance away from shotgun users and dodge players using an Explosive Weapon to avoid constant deaths.

The set, however, can be replaced by costlier armor which provides higher agility boosts such as the Swamp Body. The weapon it provides can be beaten by other weapons that kill faster than it.

Overall, the Speedrun bundle is an excellent purchase to have, but only if you struggle as a weak player.


  • The Speedrun set was previously the fastest set when the game's level cap was at level 30. Nowadays, it is approximately half of the fastest possible amount of Agility boost from armor (Which is 21%).
  • The content of this bundle was previously sold separately before the Respawnables 3.0.0 Update which made them exclusive to the bundle.
  • The description is referring to the fact that the user who wore this set is able to outrun a player with no Agility boosts or a weapon with high Agility.