Your willingness to accept the danger, isolation and the hardships inherent to your mission helps define Special Forces.
— Game Descriptions.
Spec Op Bundle-0

The Spec Ops Pack was added in the Event: Road To Glory. The bundle provides an equipment set that gives 10% Health, 10% Accuracy and 7% Agility and 75 Ballistic Knives. It also provides 75% protection from Trap Medals, Mines and Grenades dropped due to the Death From Below skill.

Spec Op Bundle



Even though this set has the same stats as the Rioter Equipment, it also has special stats like the Anti-Explosive Pack. The legs called the Spec Ops Boots decrease 75% of the damage taken normally from a grenade dropped by an enemy (Death From Below). The body called the Spec Ops Vest decreases 75% of the damage taken normally by Mines, and the head called the Spec Ops Helmet decreases 75% of the damage taken normally by a Trap Medal.


Boots spec opsimage

Use this like the Rioter Equipment but also use this equipment as a trap detector so that your teammates don't fall for the other team's traps. You will only take 25% of the damage that a Trap Medal or Mine would normally inflict on you. But be aware that you not totally invincible as you only have 10% Health on you so be careful. However, you will take much less damage from traps than you would without this set on.


  • This is the third set that gives you special stats that last forever.
  • This is the third set to have special stats.
  • This is the first set to have been given a $9.99 Dollar1 price tag in Respawnables.
  • The full name of the Spec Ops Pack would be Special Operations Pack.
  • It made a comeback near the end of the Ghostbusters (Event) (with 4 days left)!
  • The bundle made a comeback during Week 3 and 4 of the Road to Glory 2016 (Update).
  • If a player equips Spec Ops Helmet or Spec Ops Boots with Medic Jacket (assume the player equip supportive gadget), the player invincible towards Trap Medals and the grenade of "Death From Below" skill.