The Soccer Ball is a new explosive gadget that was introduced during the Soccer Madness Update. It works very similar to Dynamite, except it explodes much faster.


The Soccer Ball has shorter fuse than Dynamite (2 seconds, compared to 3), but it deals extremely massive damage as the said gadget which is able to eliminate even the most armored opponents with its powerful explosion and decent blast radius. This gadget is great for taking out groups of unsuspecting enemies. 

The bounce of this gadget is quite surreal: it will keep bouncing like a real life ball until it is activated or stopped by any obstacle. Thus, there is a chance for the user to miss if it was thrown at a target at close range.

Just like other Explosives, this powerful gadget got its weakness, which it will deal lower damage to those who are wearing Anti-Explosive Pack or Red Hero Armor


  • This weapon deals the same damage as the Dynamite, but with a shorter activation time which is similar to the Hand Grenades.
  • This gadget resembles a soccer ball in real life.
  • Soccer ball in menu
  • A soccer ball in real life.