The Snow Village is a new map from the Movie content update. It is a village with a snowy weather. The snow village is the first stage that makes vision rather limited to players and has a camo system. (camouflage system).

NOTE: You cannot really camouflage in the surroundings. The main reason being that opponents can spot you pretty easily as your name is visible to them in bright red. Long range weapons equipped by your opponent may automatically lock upon you. Therefore purchasing the snow coat and other snow blending outfits won't really benefit you. Though there is plenty of spots on the map where cover can be taken.

You need to be in Level 20 to play this map in Missions. You can play this map in Online Multiplayer even if you are below level 20.

Location (in real life)Edit

It is most likely a ski resort in upper Canada.


Use Snow equipment to blend into the area so that enemies can have a hard time looking at you, thinking that you are nothing. If you want don't use the Desert equipment. On the other hand, if you wore the Desert equipment, you would be very visible. There is a sniping spot like in Royal Garden but with extra entrances to the spot.


  • This is the first time that the exploding barrels are differently textured, it is more like a gas tank rather than a normal barrel.
  • It's actually one of the only maps that gives a hint to the elite enemy blizzard.
  • Another map,the Nocturnal Snowfall shares the same map concept as the Snow Village, only difference is that it's much more foggier.
  • It has surfboard poster pasted in the back of the house which is kind of ironic since snow village is based on snow.
  • On the car beside the large house with the balcony, you cannot shoot through its window, but you can shoot under it, allowing you to kill enemies hiding behind the car if you use Sniper Rifles.