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Mib suit

Snake Predator is an offline Bot in Respawnables who uses the Dual Pistols. He often tries to charge at the enemy, but he utilises strafing when confronted with too many enemies or sometimes when you are using Snipers. The best option is to avoid close-quarter combat unless the player is skilled at using the Shotgun, Blunderbuss, Scoped Assault Rifle and any other High-powered Weapon against him, save for the Revolver .

Snake Predator1

Snake Predator in Idle after the game timer expires.

Equipment Edit

Snake Predator

Snake Predator has only two outfits, they are :

  • Urban Clothing: The standard outfit for Snake Predator that has no stats except for his Emo Hair, which provides 2% Agility. His other clothing is the Urban Camo T-Shirt and Private Pants (Brown).
  • Formal Black Suit: Snake Predator will be wearing both the body and leg piece for the MIB outfit to boost his accurracy by 10%, however his agility will remain 2%. This makes him more of a threat in mid-range combat.


  • Snake Predator is a threat to starter players. What makes him dangerous is that his Dual Pistols can deal a large amount of damage in a short amount of time. Additionally, he can sneak up to the player from behind similar to Vulcan Dynamite. Although he has no health boosts, if you try explosives on him, he will not die, but instead it reduces his health to 5%. This is most likely because he has the skill "Reduce Damage by Explosives". Any Sniper Rifle's headshot should kill him instantly, even from full health.
    Snake 01
    • If caught in close combat with Snake Predator using a Revolver, this is a very dangerous situation, as up close, the Dual Pistols' damage per second at close range outdoes the Revolver's, especially when emerging from another skirmish. However, he can be safely taken out at even a short distance without much trouble, as he is only dangerous when entering point-blank range or reloading.
  • He also might have both skill perk + Health and ++ Health because:
    • He takes three revolver shots to die unlike the other un-armoured bots (eg. Mike Hunter) who take two revolver shots.
    • Even though he does not wear any health boosting gears, he is still able to stand even after a shot on the body from the Hunter Rifle.
  • Snake Predator will always charges at the player and other bots sometimes throwing a grenade in conjunction with the Dual Pistols, which will weaken the player.
  • Snake Predator's Weapon of Choice may have a quick reload, however the lack of range gives the player enough time to react before he is up close.


  • In the promotional poster he is one of the bots that is available.
  • He is the only regular bot that wears premium armour (MIB Suit Jacket and MIB Pants).
  • One of the most hated bots in the franchise including Vulcan Dynamite.
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