An Energy Ammo melee weapon added in the H4ckowl Set during Overflow and Summer Camp 7.

Strategy Edit

When it comes to melee weapons, you'd think there should be some way of getting up close to the enemy without suffering injuries, and now there is! With this weapon users are able to activate a Shield to get up close to deliver solid damage to Competitive players who may be using powerful weapons, additionally this melee weapon sits comfortably with the other more powerful machetes; being that it can make up for its loss in protection.

On the subject of that loss in protection, the biggest threats to this sword are Assault Weapons and Bows, as your short range distance makes you an easy target for one-four well placed hits; but in spite of that loss, it makes up for it when players choose to opt a Run And Gun strategy, centered around ambush, as like many blades, this one relies on extended counter measures to make it a devastating weapon up close. With the active skill no Tank or anti-equipment can set you back so long as you enter the danger zone with them, and they do not have #024 Arthur. Besides that, this weapon has one other weakness, in that it literally is a double edged sword, having a chance at being greatly buffed, or significantly nerfed; with that said, if worst comes to worst the reliability of this keyboard is not unlimited, but limited in a solid aspect that it technically comes out first as long as the Active skill is present, but even then the board can still two-shot most players at close distances, being up there with the Macuahuitl!

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Good damage.
  • Decent swing.
  • Good durability.
  • Active skill gives it a chance to never lose a 1v1 match up.
  • Can be buffed.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Very low Protection.
  • Can be nerfed up to 70%.
  • Active skill takes 25 seconds to cooldown.

Trivia Edit

  • It's likely this weapon is a spoof of gamer rage.
  • Is the first energy melee weapon.

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