is an enemy introduced in FFA in the Ghostbusters Event.

Capturing a Slimer gives +100 score points, and 300 Ectoplasm from a full health Slimer which goes towards your total Ectoplasm count.


  • This little trickster is fast moving - be sure to equip some agility enhancing gear to keep up with this pesky ghost! (15% agility minimum).


  • On the Ghostbusters update, A Slimer appears on the home screen (as seen above), making it the only ghost to do so.
  • The game can lag if many Slimers spawn at once.
  • This is the second best ghost during the event, other than Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Ghost.
  • The health of this ghost decreases over time as a step to prevent a crowded map. Same goes with the other ghosts.
  • There is another version of this ghost called Hungry Nian during the Chinese New Year (Event) which moves as fast as this ghost.


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