Skins are new skins for weapons doing the event updates. They can be won as prizes for completing the tiers. If you have the weapon, and you win a skin, you will just get the new skin and the original skin would still be there. If you don't have a weapon and win a skin, you will get the original weapon for free.

Easter Egg HuntEdit

Hand Grenade FestEdit

Howitzer Flame Skin

Road to GloryEdit

Summer CampEdit

Ghostbusters 30thEdit

Ninja PathEdit

Carnaval UpdateEdit

DRMS skin

Chinese New YearEdit

Easter Egg Hunt 2.0Edit

  • Hunter Rifle - A Dark Blue Based Colour, with a White Sketch that looks like the Warrior Bunny's Head.

Salute Our TroopsEdit

Automatic Shotgun Skin

Summer Camp 2Edit

Halloween HauntEdit

Winter CampEdit

SAR Cadet skin

Saint Patrick's Event Edit

April Fool's EventEdit

RMG skin

Mexican Fiesta 2Edit

  • Blunderbuss
    • Brass and Darker Tone Skin
    • White and Gold Skin

Fastest GunslingerEdit

Revolver skin

Soccer MadnessEdit

Ghostbusters EventEdit

Plasma Punch SkinCutted

Summer Camp 3Edit

Hand Grenade Fest 3Edit

Road to Glory 2016Edit

Spooky Nights EventEdit

Soldiers Graduation EventEdit

Superstars EventEdit

Winter Camp 2016Edit

Chinese New Year 3 Edit

Carnival 2017 Edit

Saint Patrick 2 Edit

Easter Egg Hunt 3 Edit

Cyber Menace Edit

Archery Tournament Edit

Ultimate Soldier Edit

Summer Camp 4Edit


The Big Map QuestEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Currently, event weapon skins are usually obtained by using real currency while cash & gold priced weapons are obtained from events, with the exception of the green skin for the JP-BEK, which was released as an event prize at the same time.
  • The rarest skins in the game is the Easter Egg Hunt skins, but most likely the Double Barrel Shotgun skin due to the event's high difficulty of completing it and being the last weapon skin in the event.
  • Usually, when getting killed by a skinned weapon, you would see the original skin. But, during the Carnival 2017 (Update), you could see the weapon's skin when killed by a skinned weapon.
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