Shotguns are close to medium range weapons with normally high agility and low accuracy. They fire pellets in a large cone, which allows for double kills if aimed right. Shotguns excel at close range combat; nearly all of them are able to one-shot players in close range but suffer from large damage fall-off and short-range issues.

Shotguns are able to be buffed enormously by the S.F. Headset, which gives a 50% damage increase. However, they can be easily nerfed by 80% using the Leprechaun's Hat, Medic Jacket, and Biker Pants.

Shotguns Edit

  • Shotgun
  • Blunderbuss
  • Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle
  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Automatic Shotgun
  • Plasma Shotgun
  • Hunter Shotgun
  • Aristocrat's Shotgun
  • Proton Shotgun
  • Burial Shotguns
  • Splasher Shotgun
  • Parade Shotgun
  • Big Kaboom
  • UBGL Barretti
  • Golden Shotgun
  • Golden Blunderbuss
  • "RAGER"
  • Dual Blunderbuss
  • Toxic Shotgun
  • 'Rocky' Shotgun
  • Barker Shotgun
  • Vamp-Shotgun
  • Post double barrel
  • Post-Shotgun

Pellet Edit

Energy Edit

Poison Edit

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Armors EffectsEdit

Some Armor Pieces affect Shotguns in different ways.

Buffs Edit

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