Shop symbol in the menu

In the shop you can buy new weapons and equipment , and configure what your player is carrying into battle. 

You can open the shop when you click the green symbol in the upper right corner where you can find Weapons, Heads, Bodies, Legs, Gadgets and Boosters in the shop.

Equipment requires a minimum level before it can be purchased. There is equipment that requires Cash and equipment that requires Gold in order to be bought.


The Shop

Early UnlocksEdit

If you do not have the level required, you still have a chance to purchase the item using the early unlock. You can pay extra Gold to unlock the item and then you can purchase it, without having to reach the required level.

The unlocking cost gets every level higher by 5 gold, means if you are level 1 and want to equip a level 5 item you will need to pay a 20 Gold fee to unlock them.

The formula:

(Desired Item Level - Current Level) * 5 = Gold Fee to early unlock

New ItemsEdit

You will know if new items are available in the Shop when a red exclamation mark is shown in the left corner of the Shop Icon. This is especially useful during a series of matches so you won't need to check everytime the shop if there is something new.


Notification about new items available in the Shop