The perfect set to go to battle and pave the way for your teammates with.
— Game Descriptions
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It costs $USD11.99 Dollar1, shown in the picture is in another currency

The Shock Force Kit is a bundle that was first introduced in the Salute Our Troops Update.


The Shock Force Kit when equipped can make the player move faster with any Shotguns as well as a damage boost for any Shotgun wielded by the player, thus making it a perfect choice for Run And Gun and / or Ambush Tactics.


  • S.F. Headset
  • S.F. Vest
  • S.F. Pants
  • New Skin!
  • The Full Set Equipped!
  • The Bundle Had A Comeback During Winter Camp Event!

With the whole set equipped, you will get 12% Health, 10% Agility and 10% Accuracy boosts! That is currently one of the best and the most stable equipment in the game yet. Plus, with the weapon and the head gear you will easily dominate any match and can kill any other players or bots much more faster! Even Whiplash will fall with only two clips of this weapon (when equipped with the head gear).

If you are not using a shotgun, instead of 10% Agility boost you will only get 5% Agility boost. No bonus damages for you. So, it is highly recommended to use any of the Shotguns whenever you are equipping this bundle!


Shadow Force

Trivia Edit

  • This bundle is the first bundle which increases stats and Damage when a specific Weapon is carried.
  • This Bundle had a comeback during the Winter Camp (Update).
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