Why choose between Monster or Warlock when you can be better than both?
— Game Descriptions.
Shadow Hunter

The Shadow Hunter Pack was a limited new bundle that was released during the Halloween Update (2014) and came back during the Monster's Spook week from Halloween Haunt. It features three new exclusive armors and the exclusive Darkness Combo Guns. It provides 14% Agility and 10% Health beside special equipment abilities which are listed on each of the gears articles.

The bundle is a "hybrid" of both the Warlock and Monster bundles, which causes every piece of the bundle to be Monster and/or Warlock tagged.
  • Darkness Combo Guns equipped.
  • Shadow Hunter Braid equipped.
  • Shadow Hunter Guard equipped.
  • Shadow Hunter Pants equipped.
  • The bundle

This bundle can only be purchased with real world money. However, this bundle was sold once more during the Memorial Weekend Sale, for $11.99 Dollar1.

Contents Edit

  • Darkness Combo Guns - A weapon with excellent damage and agility, but moderate range and accuracy
  • Shadow Hunter Braid - 7% Agility, increases the damage of Warlock and Monster tagged Weapons by 60%.
  • Shadow Hunter Guard - 7% Agility, 60% resistance to Warlock and Monster tagged Weapons.
  • Shadow Hunter Pants - 10% health, increases Agility by 7% with Warlock and Monster tagged Weapons.
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Shadow hunter pack

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