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  • The Semi-Automatic Sniper's Scope.
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The Semi-Automatic Sniper is a sniper rifle introduced in the Summer Camp 2 as the last prize of the final tier of Trial 4. It has excellent Damage, excellent Range, excellent Accuracy and great Agility.


This is a sniper with lower damage per bullet than most others, but due to its very fast rate of fire, it can instantly neutralize most enemies (except Elite Enemies, because they have a lot of health).

Due to its high rate of fire, usually both bullets would hit the target (only at mid to close range); but sometimes, enemies with Agility boosting gears may successfully avoid getting hit by the second bullet (at the extreme long range only).

Any player who is not wearing 30% extra Health or the Biker Bandana/U.F. Mask (and 10% extra Health) cannot survive two body shots of this weapon. Two headshots are capable of killing anyone but if your opponent is wearing 30% (or more) extra Health armor then a single headshot is not capable of killing him.

Camping: Same way like the normal Sniper Rifle.

Run And Gun: This Sniper Rifle can also be used for the Run And Gun strategy because of its very high Agility and fast fire rate. WARNING: You must be very skilled to be able to do this! Due to the lack of aim, you need to get very close to your enemy to kill him!



  • Extreme firing speed, it is capable of killing most players in less than half of a second.
  • Headshots are immediate kills.
  • Highest Agility out of any weapon of its class.
  • Very fast reload for a Sniper.


  • Can not kill players with 30% extra Health if both shots are body shots.
  • Due to its high rate of fire, it depletes its ammo very fast.
  • Only has 2 rounds, meaning reloading is constantly needed.
  • No crosshairs.
  • Lowest Damage per shot out of all Snipers, taking 2 or 3 shots to kill someone depending on their choice of armor.
  • Less accurate than most snipers. Difficult to hit both shots on quickly moving targets far away.
  • Damage is reduced when the target is too far.



An Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Sniper Rifle.

  • Despite the fact that this weapon is semi-automatic and has no bolt-action, this weapon is most likely based off the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare (L118A1) sniper rifle.
    • It could also have taken design ideas from the FN SCAR Mk20 due to the fact that it fires in semi-automatic and the placement of the charging handle.  
  • This weapon uses the animations used by the Anti Material Sniper.
  • It has the fastest RoF out of all snipers!
  • Although the clip looks as if it would hold plenty to ammo, it only carries a mere 2 rounds, meaning your shots must be accurate.
  • This weapon has 2 bullets but has a smaller clip size than the DMR-003 which has 8 bullets.
  • It has the most stat bars in the game, having a total of 15 bars out of 16 bars.
  • Its scope is the same as the Anti Material Sniper, making it the second weapon to use an existing scope design.
  • If you took a very close look, the Semi-Automatic Sniper scope zoom range is lower than of the Anti Material Sniper  zoom range. 
  • This is the second Sniper Rifle that's available for an Event prize, the first being the Hunter Rifle.
  • The Semi-Automatic Sniper rate of fire is as close as the rate of fire of the Blunderbuss although the Semi-Automatic Sniper much faster.
  • In the hands of a skilled player, this is considered to be one of the best snipers, second only to the DMR-003.

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