You'll need all this equipment if you want to finish the job in one night.
— Game Descriptions.
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  • The Santa's Gear
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HD picture of the gear and flare gun

The Santa's Gear is a bundle in The Respawnables . It was released during the Holiday Update 2013 , Holiday Update 2014, and Holiday Update 2015 The bundle costs $11.99 Dollar1.



The best use of this gear is to use the Flare Gun with the Run and Gun tactic. With the additional Health you can do more killing. However, don't be too confident with the extra Health because it will only backup you for a short period of time. If you want to kill and escape from your enemies, use an agility set along with the Flare Gun so that your enemies can't follow you once you stepped out of their base. However, don't overestimate your Flare Gun because the further you are from the enemy, the lesser the chance of getting a kill.


  • This is the second limited-time bundle released, the first being the Warlock Gear.
  • Santa's Gear is more of an Aviator Suit as his sleigh was shot down in holiday town thus forcing him to eject which explains why their is no corpse near the wreckage.
  • This Bundle came back during Winter Camp Event.
  • This bundle is present on all Christmas themed updates.

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