The Saint Patrick 2017 (Update) is an update released on 16th of March, which is a day before the Saint Patrick's Day.

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Look! A four-leaf shamrock!! Oh, wait, it’s even better! It’s the St Patrick’s day update for The Respawnables! Rainbows, hidden pots of gold and shamrocks are ready for the three week long Irish parade, where you can be the luckiest of the soldiers, or you can just enjoy the party and new offers to be the coolest among your Respawnables friends! These three green weeks are full of entertainment and lots of surprises for you to feel the spirit of Saint Patrick! Remember, it’s compulsory to wear green clothes! I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise, but if it does, we have prepared green presents for you - like getting a full Saint Patrick bundle if you complete all three trials! And there's much more to come! We have also fixed a couple of things to make the game more fun! Now you know - grow your beard, prepare your best green outfits, pick your own leprechaun and look out for four-leaf shamrocks! Now you’re ready to enjoy the best St. Patrick update! …And by the way… remember April Fools' is coming in the middle of the event so… expect the unexpected.

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