• A glitch extended the match duration, making it 4 minutes. Thus, this is possible to happen. Be extra careful with this bot!

Rocket Crush is one of several bots encountered in offline play. He uses the Bazooka. Being extremely annoying due to his capability to 1-hit KO, he can commit suicide by shooting his Bazooka at you point-blank, giving him credit for the kill and denying you points. He is a big challenge for starters because he has a bonus 5% health because his combat helmet. But it is possible for a 1-hit KO if you use any Sniper on him in the head.


Rocket Crush can kill instantly unarmored players that have no skill perks. However, he is quite slow due to the Bazooka's low agility stat. While so he is resistant to one hit explosive KO because of his combat helmet. A Sniper Rifle always defeats him in the head. But beware, for when you are damaged and he fires at you, you are likely to be dead.

  • Health Rating that exceeds 10% will withstand partial damage.



  • Judging on his appearance, he could be a sports fanatic, as he appears to be wearing a football jersey.
  • Also, his equipment of a helmet could be a reference to Team Fortress 2's Soldier, as they both use rocket launchers in combat. However, this is unlikely: the Soldier uses a World War II-era helmet, whereas Rocket Crush's helmet has a more modern look.
  • Rocket crush's bazooka can always weaken Elite enemies. Due to this, Rocket crush can be used as a "buddy" to help you defeat elites and of course, after killing the elite you may kill him...
  • Rocket crush's largest number of kills (recorded) is 60 kills and 15 deaths ...and his score was 5715 points! This occured in the map Royal Garden
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