The Roboparrot is an Explosive Launcher Weapon added in The Lucky Map Quest Update. It is obtainable by completing the final trial of The Lucky MapQuest.




  • Excellent damage (able to kill a red hero armor user in 2-3 shots)
  • Very fast reload time
  • Can be buffed by launcher buffing armor
  • Large blast radius
  • Damage can be buffed greatly (50%) by wearing Wasp Helmet (25%), Mobile Assisted Unit Jacket (20%) and Raggedy Pants (5%).


  • Autokill is possible if careless
  • You may miss the target because the parrot does not go straight
  • Less effective against opponents that wear explosive resistant armor
  • Low agility


  • It is the first rocket launcher to have its missile to travel in a zig-zag pattern.

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