The Roboparrot is an Explosive Launcher Weapon added in The Lucky Map Quest Update. It is obtainable by completing the final trial of The Lucky MapQuest or by completing the 3rd trial of Mexico vs. Zombies 2.




  • Excellent damage (able to kill a red hero armor user in 2-3 shots)
  • Very fast reload time
  • Can be buffed by launcher buffing armor
  • Large blast radius
  • Damage can be buffed greatly (50%) by wearing Wasp Helmet (25%), Mobile Assisted Unit Jacket (20%) and Raggedy Pants (5%).


  • Autokill is possible if careless
  • You may miss the target because the parrot does not go straight
  • Less effective against opponents that wear explosive resistant armor
  • Low agility


  • It is the first rocket launcher to have its missile to travel in a zig-zag pattern.

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