The Roaring Machine Gun is an energy assault weapon added during the Easter Invasion event. It can only be acquired through the Gilgamesh Pack for $21.99 Dollar1.


The weapon acts almost, if not exactly like the Rainbow's End except it's an energy based weapon. This opens an opportunity for more stat boost with energy enhancing armors.



  • High damage.
  • Good range.
  • Small fixed crosshair.


  • Low rate of fire.
  • Low ammo for an assault weapon (28).
  • Nerfed by certain armors.


  • The weapon has the same stats with the Rainbow's End and Rainbow's Prank.
  • Just like the Little Italy and Monkey's Rifle, the Roaring Machine Gun is based on the Thompson M1A1.
  • It uses the old firing sound of the Rainbow's End.
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