Rex Equipment

Rex Equipment

Respawnables Elite Enemy 7 Rex

Respawnables Elite Enemy 7 Rex

Rex is one of the Elite Enemies, being introduced at level 30. Rex is one of the many and most difficult elite enemies in the game. As with many Elite Enemies, however particularly with Rex, attacking him head-on is suicidal, unless he is severely weakened and is not focusing on you.


He uses the Howitzer Gun which can be bought for 100,000 Cash icon and is similar to the Missile Launcher.


Rex Equipment

He has the veteran head, vest, and private pants (brown). This provides him with a 5% accuracy bonus and a 2% health bonus, from the Veteran and Vest respectively.


Rex can be persistently troublesome for players that are inexperienced against explosives. His Howitzer Gun used to be the deadliest weapon in the game (when it was the last weapon available, at level 30).

But his weakness is that he doesn't know if you're behind him. He also doesn't have much armor (only +2% bonus) and ammo which is only 6 for his Howitzer Gun. He is very slow and vulnerable to close-ranged weapons Blunderbuss, Revolver, or the Double Barrel Shotgun. But if he spots you in long range, his Howitzer Gun is a serious threat. Another easy way to kill him is to directly hit him with the Missile Launcher or your own Howitzer Gun and he dies very quickly. The best time to strike is when he is reloading his Howitzer Gun as the gun takes 4 seconds to reload and it is a great amount of time for you to lower his health or to finish him.

Using Stun Grenade or the Energy Grenade will give you a lot of time to take him out. Especially if he is out of ammo. It is best to use them with the Blunderbuss or the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Replacement LevelEdit

Rex is replaced with Blizzard once the player is level 32.

Trivia Edit

  • Rex's appearance is a reference to the main protagonist from the movie Rambo.
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