Respawnite is a new currency introduced during the 5 Year Anniversary. It is mainly used to purchase Masteries, a new type of system introduced in the same update. Respawnites have chances to drop from fallen enemies, either Missions or Multiplayer.

There are 3 types of Respawnites currently, and they are:

  • Common Respawnites: A green-coloured pyramid. (Drop rate highest amongst the three types of Respawnites)
  • Rare Respawnites: A blue-coloured cube. (Drop rate lower than Common Respawnite, but higher than Legendary Respawnite)
  • Legendary Respawnites: A purple-coloured polygon with a hallow in the middle. (Drop rate lowest amongst the three types of Respawnites)
  • Getting Common Respawnite
  • Getting Rare Respawnite
  • Legendary Respawnite
  • A Cluster of 3 Blue Respawnites
  • Getting a Cluster of Rare Respawnite
  • .
  • An actual purple bead which must have been DLE's basis for the Legendary Respawnite

Trivia Edit

  • Bots in Missions cannot pick up Respawnites and can drop them.
  • The Common, Rare, and Legendary Respawnites can all be found in clusters of threes.
  • Clusters of Common Respawnites will give the player 5 Common Respawnites. Rare and Legendary Respawnite clusters will only drop 2 upon collection despite the cluster showing 3.
  • A legendary Respawnite was given out as the final prize during the first and second trials of Easter Egg Hunt 4
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