Respawnite is a new currency introduced during the 5 Year Anniversary. It is mainly used to purchase Masteries, a new type of system introduced in the same update. Respawnites have chances to drop from fallen enemies, either Missions or Multiplayer.

There are 5 types of Respawnites currently, and they are:

  • Common Respawnites: A green-coloured pyramid. (Drop rate highest amongst the three types of Respawnites)
  • Rare Respawnites: A blue-coloured cube. (Drop rate lower than Common Respawnite, but higher than Legendary Respawnite)
  • Legendary Respawnites: A purple-coloured polygon with a hallow in the middle. (Drop rate lowest amongst the three types of Respawnites)
  • Diamonita: A special Respawnite shaped like a diamond that could only be found during the Diamonita Wars Event. This Respawnite determined if your team earned points to advance through the tiers of the event stated previously.
  • Zombinite: This Respawnite is shaped like the skull of a Zombies. (Only obtainable through the Hordes Mode or by certain tiers in Events)

About Edit

After the latest discoveries, respawnites have become the most valuable sources of the world. Their incredible energetic power have turned them into the most appreciated sources of eco-energy.

Atomdrome, the corporation who discovered their potential, has the monopoly of the respawnites and has become the first and only developer of this kind of energy. 

The drops of information are pretty low, but the results that they share are impressive and hopeful. But the hopeful note can disappear if this powerful source falls into the wrong hands...

His power grows exponential from one respawnite type to another. Being the common respawnite the lowest and the diamonite the strangest and most powerful one. 

The most mysterious type is the zombinites. They appear in all of the deposits and, even, all of the storages of the different respawnites. 

The information regarding this material is pretty low and Atomdrome is still working on his research in order to discover its potential.
  • Getting Common Respawnite
  • Getting Rare Respawnite
  • Legendary Respawnite
  • A Cluster of 3 Blue Respawnites
  • Getting a Cluster of Rare Respawnite
  • .
  • An actual purple bead which must have been DLE's basis for the Legendary Respawnite

Trivia Edit

  • Bots in Missions cannot pick up Respawnites and can drop them.
  • The Common, Rare, and Legendary Respawnites can all be found in clusters of threes.
  • Clusters of Common Respawnites will give the player 5 Common Respawnites. Rare and Legendary Respawnite clusters will only drop 2 upon collection despite the cluster showing 3.
  • A legendary Respawnite was given out as the final prize during the first and second trials of Easter Egg Hunt 4
  • During the Diamonita Wars, respawnites dropped frequently and were easier to obtain. After the event, the drop rate was changed back to it’s original rate.
  • During the April Fools' Day 4 event, the drop rate of common respawnite was changed to 100% temporarily. Players were able to stack up on this respawnite. After the event however, the drop rate was changed back to its original rate.
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