The Referee Shorts are a new Legs in the game that was introduced during the Soccer Madness (Update) and can only be obtained by purchasing the Referee Equipment for $24.99 Dollar1.

Appearance Edit

Basically what you would see a referee wears on the "battlefield". Black shorts that extend above the knee and high black socks with white strip . Black football and/or soccer playing shoes.


Since the shorts provides agility boost when equipped with a handgun, like the Outlaw Trousers, it is preferred to equip a handgun such as Revolver, Silver Wolf, Outlaw Revolver, Freedom Revolver. It has one of the highest accuracy stats, thus it can help the user to get more accurate shots and even headshots easily.


  • This shorts is an alternative to the Outlaw Trousers, but with more accuracy and less agility boost.
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