Dazzle your enemies and hide in the shadows
— Game Description
The Razor Gear was a bundle that was introduced in the Cyber Tarantula 2019 for $11.99(USD) Dollar1 and then again in trial 4 of Mexico vs. Zombies 2 for $4.99(USD) Dollar1.

Contents Edit

  • Razor Mask - Increases accuracy by 15% with assault weapons. Activates the spider-tracker +12% Accuracy
  • Razor Cuirass - Increases the damage done to stunned enemies by 50% +12% Armor
  • Razor Pants - At full health you get a 20% speed increase +7% Agility
  • AR-LUX - Normal Bullet Assault Weapon

Strategy Edit

Not much to say about this Gear, other than that two of the equipment pieces are re-skins, the Razor Cuirass is a re-skin of the Blackbird Cuirass and the Razor Pants are a re-skin of the Sabotage Pants. Apart from those minor flaws, the Gear seems most likely to rely on a Camping, Run And Gun hybrid strategy as you gain bonus accuracy - great while moving - a stun based body - good for sitting it out in certain areas - , and accelerated movement while at full health - great for reaching areas much faster. Out of these ties of bonuses you get a weapon that can pick off opponents at any range and setting, with either of the two strategies previously mentioned.

It was most useful in Cyber Tarantula 2019 as the head gave a 10x multiplier bonus for ever cyber tarantula eliminated.

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