Raptor Blaze is one of the many offline bots in Respawnables. He uses an Assault Rifle and his armor has 2% health along with 5% accuracy. He prefers to strafe at mid-range, but will make an attempt to charge at the player in close quarters. Many think of him as a tougher version of Vicenzo Caesar as he appears at level 30 while Vicenzo Caesar joins your missions when you are level 3.


Defeating Raptor Blaze is much like defeating Vicenzo Caesar. But due to his 5% accuracy, his attacks are difficult to dodge if you are slow. Raptor Blaze is also exposed due to his 2% Health, which makes him vulnerable to instant or one-shot kills.



  • Raptor Blaze's Appearance is a direct reference to Ghost from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series by Activision. Bio Hazard may be another Call of Duty reference.
  • Raptor Blaze's head armor Trick or Treat, is available for purchase at level 29 for 50,000 Cash icon. However, Raptor Blaze is seen before that level.
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