Get into the enemies' lines and destroy them.
— Game Descriptions.
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The Raid Equipment!

Raid Equipment equipped

The Raid Equipment is a bundle that was introduced in the fourth and final trial of the Winter Camp 2016 and costs $29.99 Dollar1.


  • The armor's stats and its effect!
  • The weapon's stats!
  • The whole bundle equipped.
  • The bundle as seen in the game loading screen!
  • Raid Hulk - A complete Armor that grants a short speed boost upon usage of a Medikit.
  • Incursion Ram - An Assault Weapon similar to the Battle Ram, but with shorter range, less capacity, more damage falloff, and faster fire rate.


  • The appearance of the Incursion Ram is exactly the same as the Battle Ram, only in different colors and with an unknown logo at its back side.
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