The Post-Toxic Crossbow is a Zombie-tagged  Poison-type Bow Weapon introduced in the Road To Glory 2018 Update.

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Very fast fire rate, able to quickly defeat players in close quarters
  • The Poison effect can easily finish off players not killed by the arrows.
  • Very effective against zombies. Almost every kill is a headshot kill regardless of short or long range.
  • An excellent crowd control weapon for zombies as they don't dodge in close ranges.
  • Recognized as the best crossbow in the game
  • Has nearly unlimited range when the Target is still, Best to use the long range in hordes, but not suitable for player matches.

Disadvantages Edit

  • The auto-aim feature actually hinders aiming, as the arrows have a travel time making it useless against human players.
  • The poison effect can be neutralized by the Aztec Necklace and the damage can be reduced by 75% using the Poison Hunter Hat, Medic Jacket, and Knight Greaves
  • The Poison Attribute of the weapon has no effect on the zombies.
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