The Post-Shotgun is a fire based shotgun equipped with an improvised scope and stock. It was added in the Road to Glory 2018 Update and is available for 500 Zombinites.

Strategy Edit

General Edit

The Post-Shotgun is capable of taking down enemies with 1 shot because of its high damage and DoT. So when a single shot fails to take down an enemy the fire effect will finish the job.

Camping Edit

Because of the well balanced stats, 3 bars each, you are able to hold your ground at camping spots. You have to mind that you only have 6 shots and the shotgun is a pump-action, it can be fatal if an enemy is rushing your position and your shot missed. You can use the scope for enemies at longer distances. Reload when you can as reloading makes you very vulnerable.

Run n Gun Edit

The 3 bars of agility enables you to move quick enough from cover to cover. Shoot enemies that you see within range, the fire effect will finish them of if your first shot didn't took them out.

Analysis Edit

Advantage Edit

  • High damage.
  • Has Damage over Time(DoT).
  • Good range.
  • Good accuracy.
  • Fast Agility.
  • Damage can be increased by S.F. Headset to 50%.

Disadvantage Edit

  • Pump-action shotgun.
  • Only has 6 rounds.
  • Fire effect can be nullified by Aztec Necklace.
  • Nerfed by certain armors.
  • Kind of slow reload speed.
  • Expensive, costing whopping 500 Zombinites which is not easy to get.

Trivia Edit

  • The Post-Shotgun utilizes a digital scope.
  • Just like most zombie tagged weapons, the special effect is not listed.
  • The makeshift scope is made out of a bottle.
  • The pieces of metal used to attach the "scope" looks similar to a folding stock of a Spaz 12.

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