The Post-Heavy Skull is a Heavy Fire-based Weapon added in the Road to Glory 2018 Update. It is purchasable for 450 Zombinites.

Strategy Edit

General Edit

With this weapon the only thing you'll only have to deal with is the slow agility, and big crosshair. Without agility enhancing equipment, your character will run sluggishly and can make you an easy target when out in the open. The crosshair of the weapon makes it a bit hard to hit enemies from afar, equip accuracy boosting armor to fix this. Damage wise, the weapon can almost instantly kill an enemy player because of its passive skill and high damage; so make use of these to your advantage.

Camping Edit

The Post-Heavy Skull is an ideal weapon for camping! When behind a cover you are nearly unstoppable- as long as your hitbox isn't exposed. Accuracy enhancers are still required for targets at long distances.

Run and Gun Edit

Equip Agility enhancing armors such as Z.F pants- medikit equipped required, to for more better performance on run and gun.

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Great damage.
  • This is a fire weapon with DoT, few hits can drain your enemy's health quickly.
  • When burning enemies, it reduces their defense by 20%.
  • Good alternative for killing zombies.
  • Can be buffed by certain armor pieces.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Big crosshair gap.
  • Costs 450 zombienites.
  • Damage is nullified by Aztec Necklace when medikit is in action.
  • Nerfed by fire resistant armors.
  • Your movement speed is slowed when firing the weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon is a total upgrade compared to its original counterpart.
  • The skull on the barrel appears to be a crocodile's skull.
  • The first weapon to slow the user down when firing.

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