• The Portable Heavy Machine (unequipped)
  • The Portable Heavy Machine equipped
  • The weapon's details
  • Side view of the weapon (from behind)
  • Firing the ballistic knife. Although difficult to see, the knife can be seen (far right)
  • The reloading boost being activated
  • The weapon's reload animation (1)
  • The weapon's reload animation (2)

The Portable Heavy Machine is a weapon that was introduced in the Ultimate Soldier Update. It can only be obtained via the bundles stated.

Strategy Edit

Make use of its stats by using the Camping technique. Find a suitable spot on the map, preferably the high ground, get behind a cover and fire at enemies. Remember to reload when necessary and watch your surroundings. If equipped with the Mobile Assisted Unit R.I., the reload speed is quicker.

The special skill is useful in dire circumstances, however it is a bit difficult to use and it comes with a long cooldown.


Advantages Edit

  • Great Damage.
  • Good Range and Accuracy.
  • High damage per bullet.
  • Ballistic knife can OHKO opponent, regardless of resistance.
  • Good reloading speed, which can be sped up further by equipping the whole Mobile Assisted Unit R.I.
  • Fast RoF.
  • It can be buffed by some equipments.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Slow Agility.
  • Damage drops off at longer ranges.
  • The Ballistic Knife fired has a slow travel speed, similar to the first version of the Ballistic Knife.
  • Nerfed by the Leprechaun's Leggings.
  • The reloading boost can only be achievable when the WHOLE Mobile Assisted Unit R.I. is equipped and reloading is initiated immediately after using the skill.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the first Heavy Weapon that is wielded like an Assualt Rifle.
  • It is the third weapon to have an effect depending on the equipment you wear, the others being the Parade Shotgun and the Maskeleon Rifle. However, it is the first weapon to require an entire set of equipment to enable its effect.
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