Become the most feared gunslinger!
— Game Description

The Outlaw Pack is a bundle that was released during the Fastest Gunslinger Update. It contains two (already available) handguns, a new one and a complete set of armors, which, when worn, gives your handguns 15% more damage and 15% more fire rate and increases 5% of your agility while using a handgun. This bundle is available for purchase at the price of $29.99 Dollar1.

Unfortunately, because this bundle contains more than one weapon, it is unable to be equipped.



  • Bundle preview
  • Freedom Revolver
  • Skinned Revolver (Revolver included!)
  • Outlaw Revolver
  • Outlaw Hat
  • Outlaw Jacket
  • Outlaw Trousers
  • On sale during Carnival (Event)
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