Nocturnal Snowfall is the night time version of Snow Village. It basically functions the same way as Snow Village but this map features some aspects that were in Holiday Town. It is unlocked at level 30.

Strategy Edit

The strategy that you should use is exactly the same to the strategy of Snow Village as both maps are identical apart from a few cosmetic features. But the vision is more unclear than its counterpart, since its dark and the snowfall only makes the players vision worse and camoflauge better.

Inside of the tree!-0

Trivia Edit

  • This map features some cosmetic additions that were in the Christmas Version of Snow Village (Holiday Town).
  • A few people who updated the Winter Update were shocked and disappointed by Nocturnal Snowfall being a almost identical version of Snow Village. This was mostly expressed by the YouTube user iChase in the Zap Gun review who is rather popular in the Respawnables community.
  • In multiplayer, this map is the most picked due to it being in the pool 2 times because it is identical to Snow Village.
  • Inside of the tree!
    There is a glitch where one can hide inside of a tree. Coming over the bridge away from the bombed out building, the tree immediately to the left can be hidden in. When inside, you take no damage from outside sources, yet you can fire upon enemies. The only downside is the fact that once you die either by a grenade upon death and or by a player shooting your feet. They can also kill you by entering the tree and killing you from the inside, the spot tend to be taken by the person who killed you.
  • On the car beside the large house with the balcony, you cannot shoot through its window, but you can shoot under it, allowing you to kill enemies hiding behind the car if you use Sniper Rifles.