Ninja Bomb is a gadget in the Respawnables which was introduced in the Holiday Update 2014.
Ninja bomb

It stuns nearby players, and turns you invisible when used. Although it is a paid gadget, it lasts shorter than the stealth gadget, which can be purchased with gold. Good for near-death situations where a player is about to kill you. Also, if you are wearing the Cyber Ninja Breastplate, the stealth won't end if damage is received unlike this gadget, which is another reason to use Stealth over this gadget.

Counter guideEdit

Don't like this gadget? Click here to learn how to counter it!

Trivia Edit

  • It can be obtained by completing events in the Ninja Path event.
  • It says" 影 "on the side of the Ninja Bomb, which means "shadow" in Japanese and Chinese.
  • From its looks, it looks like a Sake Bomb, a type of Japanese beer.
  • Ghostbusters Pants ignores the slow down effect of the stun, but still prevents the user from shooting.
Ninja Bomb
Respawnables - Ninja Bomb

Respawnables - Ninja Bomb

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