Night Santa uses the best gear to not get caught
— Game Descriptions
Night Santas Gear
  • Bundle apperance
  • The Night Santa's Gear.
  • The Bundle's Content.
  • Leaked image
The Night Santa's Gear is a bundle in Respawnables . It was released on the third week of Winter Camp during the Holiday Update 2015 and costed $11.99 Dollar1.



  • Santa's Gear is more of an Aviator Suit as his sleigh was shot down in Holiday Town thus forcing him to eject which explains why their is no corpse near the wreckage.
  • This bundle was leaked by accident 2 days before the release.
  • Each of the Santa Gear bundles, when the set is worn, provide 15% of each boost: Health, Agility and Accuracy. Since this bundle improves Accuracy which is the last one, this may be the last new Santa bundle.

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