Jump from the never-ending love for fire and bows!
— Game Descriptions
The "Never-Ending Pack" is a bundle that was added in the Archery Tournament 2 Update. It costs $14.99 Dollar1. During April Fools 2020, it costed 1 Cash icon.
  • Never-Ending Pack
  • Never-Ending Pack Equipped
  • Never-Ending Pack equipped


  • Never-Ending Hair - 12% Accuracy, 15% damage increase to fire weapons.
  • Never-Ending Jacket - 12% Health, Bows auto-aim to the head instead of the body.
  • Never-Ending Pants - 7% Agility, gives a short 25% Agility boost after taking fall damage.
  • Falcon Fire - A unique bow that burns enemies, causing small damage over time and reduces defense by 20%.

Listings Edit

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