The Mystic Crossbow is the first Magic - type Bow that was added in the Cyber Tarantula Update and was available for purchased in the X-PI Mystic Pack and the Great Alliance Megabundle.

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • High clip size for a bow-type weapon (12).
  • Has a scope.
  • High Damage per shot.
  • Projectile has no arc.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low Agility for a bow, comparable to that with the Ultra-Adder.
  • Lacks auto-aim.
  • Very odd splash-damage mechanics.

Trivia Edit

  • As stated above, this weapon's projectile has a very "unique" function:
    • If the projectile hits any surface (floor, wall or ceiling), the splash damage will be extremely small.
    • But, if the projectile makes contact with a player or your own foot, the radius of the splash damage becomes big, enough so that it can damage other players/bots if they're near the damaged area.
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