Another mode that The Respawnables offers, beside from the non-wifi connection Mission mode, Multiplayer. In order to play a Multiplayer match, select the Multiplayer option in the Main Menu. 

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Multiplayer button showed in the Menu.

You can choose a Free For All or a Team VS match, Free For All matches are an all against all battle. Team VS matches, you need to cooperate with your team mates in order to win the Match. A multiplayer mode match is 4:00 minutes long.

To prevent unfairness in the game you will be paired against opponents of the same level of competence. If the match making system does not find a match with players of your same level, you will be matched with different leveled players. For example, if you are level 7, but when you enter the match, it is full of level 50 players!

Types of multiplayer modesEdit

Team VSEdit

In Team VS, you will need to cooperate with your team mates in order to win the match. The winning Team will be the one that collects the most team Points during the match. Team Points are earned by collecting Medals dropped by killed enemies. Enemy players leave a Medal after being killed.

Collect them to add Team Points to your Team.

A normal medal dropped by a killed enemy.

Free For AllEdit

All other players will be your enemies in this mode. The winner of a Free For All Match will be the player with the highest Score at the end of the game.


Bonuses are extra points that you get when you execute some feats of skill that you can achieve while playing a match, like hitting an enemy in the head or collecting your own dropped medal. Awards give you Score Points which are essential in both Multiplayer modes. 

Multiplayer Fun

A detailed article about bonuses can be found here .


Medals are essential in Multiplayer mode, especially in Team VS. Collecting them will add points to your team, thus, ensuring more chances for your team to win.

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