• Pick your side
  • The Monster outfit in the game loading screen
  • Monster Face (original appearance)
  • Monster Face (updated and current appearance)
  • Monster Vest
  • Monster Pants
  • The Image of the bundle in the game
  • The Monster bundle equipped

Monsters were introduced during the Halloween 2014 update with the introduction of the Monster Mash which simulates a "battle" between Warlocks and Monsters.

One guiding/description of the Monster Mash said "Monsters chase Warlocks, Warlocks go for Monsters and Shadow Hunters win by hunting them alike."



Monster Tag

Monster equipment is tagged by a red triangle with a black Bio-hazard symbol in it. Tags are important as they are needed to complete certain tiers (tasks) in the Monster Mash and for some special abilities on Armor gear.

Monster tagged equipment are:

Although not tagged but clearly from Monsters as well:

Also tagged are the bundles: