• Zombie Legs Before Update.
  • Zombie Legs Before Update.
  • Monster Pants In Menu.
  • Monster Pants Equipped (Front View).
  • Monster Pants Equipped.
The Monster Pants is the 18th leg armor in the game. Before It was called simply Zombie and was part of the BioHazard Bundle. Then it got a remake in the Halloween 2014 update where it got renamed and part of the Monster Gear.

Before Halloween 2014 It was unlocked at level 27 and provided 5% health. The description said "A pair of creepy-looking rotten legs"

During Halloween 2014 it got an update. Now it provides 5% health and has a special ability which increases 5% the agility when carrying Monster tagged weapons, in this case, the Toxic Guns, Aristocrat's Shotgun or the Darkness Combo Guns, also it has no level requirement any more and it can be achieved by beating various tiers in the Monster Mash. The description got changed as well.


The pair of legs is colored gray to make it appear as it's rotting like a zombie. A pair of tattered pants with holes and torn cuffs is also worn, with a little green bag wrapped around the right leg by a frail belt and a kneecap protecting the left knee. The right foot wears a black and red boot while the left foot is barefooted, with a wooden stake piercing through the part just above the foot. A green belt wraps around the waist.


  • It was part of the BioHazard bundle/equipment (the bundle is now known as Monster Gear).
  • This leg armor used to be called "Zombie" including the head and body.

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