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The Monster Gear was a renamed bundle that was released in the Monster Mash Update and cost $9.99 Dollar1.The head of the pack is an important part of the Monster Mash tier prizes, as players had to wear either the Monster Face, Monster Helmet, Warlock Eyes, or Warlock Hat to participate in tier prize requirements. Of course, attaching the Shadow Hunter Braid would skip the need to switch these heads for the entire Event.

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Monster Tag

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The focus of this gear is all about defense. Wearing the entire set grants the user a 15% Health boost, a considerably high to decent amount. It is suggested to use the Toxic Guns when equipping any part of the set, as special abilities come into play when doing so. While wearing the Monster Face and having the Toxic Guns equipped, you get a 40% Damage boost. While having wearing the Monster Vest, all Damage suffered from Warlock tagged weapons are reduced by 40%. Finally, using the Toxic Guns and the Monster Pants will grant you a 5% Agility boost.

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