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Respawnables - Mines

Respawnables - Mines

Mines is the third gadget available. They are unlocked at level 5 and cost 15 GoldIcon for 10 mines. When used, they take a few seconds to arm, flickering three times before its light turns green. It is then able to injure and/or kill anyone in its range, including the user who set it down in the first place. Team allies can also trigger this trap but it would not affect them in any way as there is no friendly-fire in Respawnables, thus wasting your mine.


Mines may cost quite a bit of gold to obtain, but they are efficient in taking down enemies.

Place these gadgets near frequently visited locations like near Sandtown's fountain area, or Royal Garden's garden. You can also place these near one-way sniping spots or locations to protect yourself from any close-range attacker, although snipers or long-range attackers can still easily defeat you. Unsuspecting enemies that trigger the mines can be easily killed or at least severely wounded by these gadgets.

That being said, it can be hard for an enemy NOT to suspect there was one. When armed, mines make a beeping sound that gets louder the closer the opponent gets to it. From there, the opponent can easily comb the area for that mine, as they are easily spotted if observed for long enough, and blow the mine up once found, with their weapon, therefore deactivating the mine. In addition, while using mines can easily defeat enemies, their medals are still left behind, which can mean a win or lose in intense matches. Don't forget that mines blow up any player in its range, including you.

Nevertheless, this gadget is great at eliminating enemies. Who is going to take the time to find that mine when another player is dueling with him?


Picture of an Armed Mine

Counter guideEdit

Don't like this gadget? Click here to learn how to counter it!


  • During the Grenade Fest Update, the Mines can be used, but during the event of getting the new items, the Mines cannot score a kill for the grand prize, the Thumper.
  • Mines are also used as fun item when having a party with friends. Groups usually find some were high and see how high they can stack them
  • Mines stacks are also known as "pancakes" in the Respawnables community
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