The Mine Launcher was a weapon released in the AtomCon Update; within the Bulldozer bundle, and included separately for $1.33(CAD) Dollar1.


Compared to other weapons, this particular Launchers weapon is a standout from the rest, using time based detonators that go off after six seconds, get used to that and the user can create a near constant field of mines in one spot, making it very hard for Run And Gun players to take down the player; sounds great right? Wrong, on paper this weapon would sound amazing but there are several overlying factors that make this weapon hard to use in such a manner as discussed. First the mines can be detonated by teammates and enemies from afar, second is the fire rate is very cumbersome, and third this weapon simply does not deal enough damage to take out an opposing player; all that combined makes this weapon very circumstantial. Sadly even with buffs this weapon just doesn't 'feel good' for any map.

With that covered, the weapon can be plausible in a Camping strategy, where the gun can be used to spam mines near a friendly or enemy spawning location, however be aware that after the six seconds have passed all mines will fuse if not spaced out. On that note do avoid Bows , Heavy Weapons , Shotguns , and Launchers , as if they come near you in short notice the mines can do you no good as accuracy is low and agility as well. 

Weapon Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Good damage despite what the weapon card says.
  • Mines can be deployed anywhere nearby the user.
  • The mines will detonate whenever enemies step on it, even when the enemy player is nearby.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Very Low rate of fire
  • Awkward to fire at close range/ at enemies 
  • Can cause autokills if the user is careless.
  • Extremely limited range.
  • Mines detonate after a short period of time and when the player steps on one.
  • Can be nerfed heavily by explosive resistant gear.
  • Low Agility.


  • Currently this is the worst Launcher weapon to date!
  • When this weapon was announced it was hailed as one of the worst weapons in the game, before the Airsoft SMG came out.
  • Some players were unhappy that Digital Legends had envisioned popular 'oldhead' player ChaseBro's "Pancake Launcher", as this version was terribly under preforming.

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