Mexican Fiesta 3 (Update) is an update that was released on 4/12/2018.

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"Hola, Respawnables Amigos, and welcome to our Mexican Fiesta! Prepare some tacos and cold horchata because we have prepared a very hot new event full of prizes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! 

Join our Fiesta and have the chance to play with the new weapon, Aztec Fury! Get dressed with an awesome Mexican outfit, update the app and fight with Mexican weapons completing challenges, wining awesome prizes and mastering the new 100 extra levels! 

Come alone or with friends to the party, don’t be shy, we will not leave you alone, the new Aztec warrior will become your best friend. We will also introduce you to the Adventurer, the new character of a brand new heroes series!

…but, hey! I don’t want to waste your time reading this! It’s high time to prepare some tortillas, choose your best sombrero and beat the new maximum level in the Respawnables Mexican Fiesta!"

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