The Metamorphic Cannon is a Heavy Machine Gun added in the Winter Camp 2018 Update. It was available as the final prize for the 4th trial of Winter Camp 2018. It has a passive skill that allows it to change its ammo type depending on what head you have equipped.

Weapon Analysis Edit

The Metamorphic Cannon is a decent weapon, having mediocre damage and rate of fire, however it truly shines with the varied assortment of ammo that it can use.

The Santa Heads and their corresponding ammo are listed below:

An important note: The heads do not change the actual ammo type of the Metamorphic Cannon, they only provide additional effects to the bullets.

Paired with its fire rate, the Metamorphic Cannon can inflict poison, soak, ignite and stun multiple enemies in a short amount of time. The high damage potential and range makes it suitable for Camping, although Run And Gun is also viable if agility-boosting gear is equipped. Overall, the Metamorphic Cannon is a very powerful weapon, although keep in mind the lack of auto-aim that can make it hard to target enemies accurately.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the two heavy weapons not having auto-aim, the other one being the Incinerator.
  • This weapon is very similar to the Heavy Maskaleon. however, that weapon features only poison, fire, energy/healing and normal ammo.
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