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  • I live in Gotham City
  • My occupation is a Vigilante and correcting things as I see fit.
  • I am The Batman
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  • Greetings tr143. I guess you are the last active admin of the old generation. Thought I'd check this wiki once in a while. Good memories eh? It's kinda sad that nobody else is active, but ig we all moved on. I think the clan is dead as well, but it sure did grow. We started with around 16 members and ended at around 84, so that's pretty dope. The game is still putting out events, which is surprising, as many of the events are pretty repetitive, but I digress. Anyways...thought I'd talk to someone from the older group to clear my nostalgia ig. Nice talking once in a while. I hope the older members check in once in a while. Well...cya around eh? Good luck in life.

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  • Damn, 101 edits already?

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  • Hello <insert name here>,

    Thank for your edit to the File:Barney from Expandables.jpg page and welcome to Respawnables Wiki! We are very honored to have you in a part of our wiki.

    Please read our Rules & Policies before editing or commenting just to make sure that this wiki is safe. If you need any help or have questions please leave a message at my message wall and I will answer to your needs as fast as I can.

    Also, please add to your userpage so that we can learn more about you!

    Where to start ...

    • Find out more about Respawnables on the About page.
    • New to wikis? Read the Wikia tutorial to editing.
    • Contact one of our active Staff Members for help with the wiki.

    Adding to the wiki ...

    Socialize with members ...

    • Join the Chatango Chat-room to meet other editors and fans.
    • Participate in our Wiki Events for a challenge and prizes!
    • Participate in forums to make friends with fellow respawners!
    Good Day Respawning!

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