Spooky Rish

aka the guy who helped build this place

  • I live in knowhere
  • I was born on August 5
  • My occupation is running
  • I am fairly inactive nowadays

Hello. Welcome. To. My. Wall. Send. Me. A. Message. Because. I. Love. New. Messages. On. My. Wall. Gosh. This. Is. Annoying. To. Type. Have. A. Good. Day. Let's. Hope. I. Win. The. Next. Wiki. Event. L.O.L. Y.A.Y.

I'm semi-active, so don't expect a reply very soon xD I'll try my best. I usually come on once or twice a week.

Edit : Currently the 25th of August'18 and I log in once every two months lmao

Edit : 2nd Jan 2020, don't really log in much. maybe once in two months? three months?

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