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  • I live in The Philippines
  • I was born on June 13
  • My occupation is NOTHINGNESS
  • I am a Christian who is 20% cooler than you :P

Hello there <insert name here> and welcome to my message wall! If you have any questions, advices, or just want to have a fun chat, please send me a message and I'll be happy to reply! I won't be able to reply quickly because I cannot receive notifications. I will usually reply to you the next day.

Respawnables Wiki Clan

Do you want to join the Respawnables Wiki Clan? Here are all of the the requirements!

  • Be a member of the Respawnables Wiki
    • If you are an anonymous person, you cannot join the clan. Please make an account!
  • Change your in game name so that it contains [RW] at the beginning.
    • If your name is too long, you may use RW and position it either in the beginning or end.


  • Once you are in the clan, you are NOT allowed to use OP weapons unless in events or other desperate situations.
  • "Naturespirit321's OP Law" states that: If the weapon poses an advantage that cannot be overcome by skill consistently and easily, it is then considered OP.


  • For your resume, please send a message that answers all of the following:
    • What was your previous in game name?
    • What is your new in game name?
    • Are you on IOS or Android, or both?
    • Please specify your Gamecenter if you have!
    • Do you agree to follow the rules?
For more information, click here.
Have a great day!
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