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  • Bro... u shouldn't make event or update pages before they are officially out >.>

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  • I see that you undone an "not-really vandalism" edit!

    Great job and keep it up!

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  • Do you want me to make your gallery a slideshow?

    Like there is a frame with left and right buttons..

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  • If so,

    • What was your previous in game name?
    • What is your new in game name?
    • Are you on IOS or Android, or both?
    • Please specify your Gamecenter if you have!
    • Do you agree to follow the rules?
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    • Weaponizer wrote:

      Chase RFX wrote:

      Kenny 7777 wrote:

      Chase RFX wrote:

      Angangang wrote:
      Create an IGN for the clan like this:


      Just create one, you don't have to use it XD

      And rules, we have a list of OP Weapons that clan member should refrain from using, although you can always use them when you are not using the clan tag :)

      How about [RW] PH4NT0M ? Also do i take of the clan tag if i use an OP weapon during an event?
      Note: Will the name work in game?

      You take the tag off to use OP weapons and in events. Although I don't because it'll be difficult for me to be recognised in the matches

      No :( I've decided on [RW]Storm
      Not a bad name. My RW clan name is [RW]Magma.

      Thanks for letting me be in the clan

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    • [RW]Storm....

      Got it!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Sorry for making it late

    Forgive me have a lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • Hello <insert name here>,

    Thank for your edit to the Shotguns page and welcome to Respawnables Wiki! We are very honored to have you in a part of our wiki.

    Please read our Rules & Policies before editing or commenting just to make sure that this wiki is safe. If you need any help or have questions please leave a message at my message wall and I will answer to your needs as fast as I can.

    Also, please add to your userpage so that we can learn more about you!

    Where to start ...

    • Find out more about Respawnables on the About page.
    • New to wikis? Read the Wikia tutorial to editing.
    • Contact one of our active Staff Members for help with the wiki.

    Adding to the wiki ...

    Socialize with members ...

    • Join the Chatango Chat-room to meet other editors and fans.
    • Participate in our Wiki Events for a challenge and prizes!
    • Participate in forums to make friends with fellow respawners!
    Good Day Respawning!

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    • A FANDOM user
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