Enemy players leave a medal after being killed. Collecting them will achieve an Award (collecting bonus points or collecting own bonus points). You can also get them from elite enemies when a bot kills an elite instead of the player, it drops a medal.

Medal TypesEdit

There are two types of medals in the game:

  • Yellow Colored Medals                                                                        
    • A Red Colored Medal.
    • A Yellow Colored Medal.
    • A Gold Coin as seen during the Spooky Nights (worth 15 points)
    • A Silver Coin as seen during the Spooky Nights (worth 5 points)
    • A Green Coin seen during the Spooky Nights (worth 1 point)
    • A Shamrock Seen in the Saint Patrick 2 (Event)
    • A gold pot, as seen in the Saint Patrick 2 (Event)
    • An Easter Egg, seen during the Easter Egg Hunt events.
  • Red Colored Medals

The Yellow Colored Medal is dropped by killing enemies, collecting them will give you a award which adds up to your score. The Yellow Coloured Medal will award you +50 when picked up, the exact amount when an enemy is killed.

Collecting them will also add Team Points to your Team in Team VS.

The Red Colored Medal is dropped when a Teammate (In multiplayer Team Vs.) or yourself (In both Multiplayer Team Vs., Mission Mode, or Multiplayer Free For All) is killed, you will leave a red colored Medal in the ground. Collect these red Medals in order to deny them to your enemies. Collecting a red medal in any game mode gives the player a +100 score boost, which is equal to killing an enemy and picking up a medal.

You can also buy Trap Medals in the store, at 25 GoldIcon for 10 medals, to trick your opponent in collecting them, thus killing them (unless if they're wearing at least 10% Health or Explosive-resistance armors).

Any player whom wear the Impaler's Eyepatch will benefit a lot from these medals as they will be healed for every medals picked up (~45% health restores per medal). Thus, to counter them, one must make sure to keep these medals away from them in the heat of any fight.

A player wearing Sabotage Pants will have the ability to attract medals (friend or foe) towards them and thus able to earn more points. To avoid your medals being stolen, it's best to pick them up shortly after eliminating your victim.

Trivia Edit

  • During the Saint Patrick (Event), there was a chance you could obtain Shamrocks which were used to pass the tiers.
    • You could also collect a pot of gold in the event above!
  • A similar concept was introduced in the Spooky Nights where coins with different amounts of points had to be collected to progress.
  • During the Easter Egg Hunt events, eggs in different amounts were required to be collected in order to progress.