• The Mechanical Claw Thrower Equipped.
  • Side view of the Mechanical Claw Thrower
  • The weapon's reload animation (1)
  • The weapon's reload animation (2)

The Mechanical Claw Thrower is a assault-punch weapon that boasts powerful stats but can only be obtained by purchasing the Werewolf Bite for $14.99 Dollar1 during the Winter Camp 2016.

Before the Saint Patrick 2 (Update), it was bugged and couldn't kill properly in Multiplayer matches as it will deal inconsistent amount of damage, but after the update, it's damage output was fixed so it could kill an enemy with 2 shots minimally. Each shot also became a hit scan, meaning the projectile would instantly reach the target in the scope of the weapon's range.


Run And Gun: Since this weapon has high agility, it is recommended to use the Run And Gun strategy. Run around the map, killing anyone that you spot. Since the weapon's agility and accuracy is great, its recommended to use health boosting gears, 2 health boosting gears and 1 agility boosting gear. Also, try to use the Circle around tactic or strafe when enemies are shooting at you.

Camping: Since the default range of the weapon is good, its a good idea to use the Camping strategy. Stand in one spot; killing any enemies you spot. Be careful for the players using Shotguns, Explosives or Single Shot weapons, as they can kill you easily.

Ambush: This tactic could work well with the weapon, since it can kill enemies quickly. Hide behind walls, corners and 90 degree turns, and wait for your enemy to pass by. Then, when you see your enemy, start shooting. Don't stop shooting until your enemy is defeated.



  • Good Damage.
  • Good Range
  • Excellent Accuracy and Agility.
  • Large ammo clip size.
  • As it is classified as an assault weapon, it can be buffed by some equipments.
  • Fast reload speed.


  • Can be inaccurate in close quarters battles.
  • Nerfed by the Veteran Scar and/or the Cadet Vest.
  • Damage drops off at longer ranges.


  • It was also wielded by the Werewolf during the Spooky Nights Event.
  • It's also the first weapon to fire three rounds at once, the second being the Clusterstorm.
  • Since the weapon has 40 rounds available, and it shoots 3 rounds at a time, the last shot of the clip only shoots 1 projectile instead of the usual 3.
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