Maps are fighting arenas made for the players and Bots and the environment varies in each. Here a list of the maps.

  • Sandtown
  • The Rocket
  • The Royal Garden
  • The Headquarters
  • The Snow Village
  • The Holiday Town
  • The Frozen Bay
  • Nocturnal Snowfall
  • The Eastside District
  • SpookyTown
  • Westside District
  • Fiesta town
  • ChinatownGo to Chinatown
  • Carnival City
  • Bewitched Headquarters
  • Sandtown - Quick and small. The perfect location for constant action.
  • The Rocket - A large indoor area with limited cover. You will need to shoot and run!
  • Royal Garden - A large open space with high walls. Snipers and rockets are welcome. So use your heavy arsenal to beat them.
  • Headquarters - An indoor maze-like complex with narrow corridors and small rooms for perfect close combat.
  • Snow Village - Harsh weather conditions and limited visibility. Put your camouflage to the limit in this large white environment.
  • Frozen Bay - No one is safe in this desolate island. Tight areas and dominant heights will test your skills so keep moving!
  • Nocturnal Snowfall - Snow and darkness will reduce your sight. Camouflage and move quickly to play hide-and-seek with your prey.
  • Westside District - Fight through these colorful city streets and make conflict break out.
  • Chinatown - Red lanterns and fireworks. Join the celebration! (Seasonal: Chinese New Year)
  • Spookytown - Quick and small. The perfect location for constant action. (Seasonal: Halloween)
  • Holiday Town - (Nocturnal Snowfall modification, it is from the Holiday Update) (Seasonal: Christmas)
  • Eastside District - Fight on the winding streets as conflict erupts through the city. Watch your back; there are nasty surprises for the unwary! (Currently unavailable)
  • Carnival City - Join the party as Carnival rumbles along these colorful city street. (Currently unavailable)
  • Fiesta Town - Piñatas, confetti and streamers. It's fiesta time! (Only available during certain events)
  • Bewitched Headquarters - a Ghostbusters-themed version of Headquarters, but its name wasn't officially announced until the Soldiers Graduation (Update).
  • Atomdrome Secret Base- ATOMDROME has built a secret base in a mountan? INSIDE A CASTLE!?

Maps' StrategyEdit

Each arena can have a different advantage for players. Such as the Royal Garden which is a good map for snipers or the Rocket which is good for fast characters. However some maps give disadvantages to some players; such as Headquarters for example. Most players who use sniper rifles will have trouble sniping or camping because there are few good spaces in Headquarters to snipe/camp (however, that is agruably dependable on the player's skills).

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